Karen Murphy Glassworks

Degree Show

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For my final degree show, I created sculptural forms from the rotten floor joists of a house. This enabled me to halt the process of decay and preserve the existance of the wood, creating a permanent record of that moment in the history of the building.


Sand cast glass with metal inclusions

Copper nails embedded into the glass casts

A negative cast of the rotten wood, highlighting the contrast between the rigid machined framework and the organic decayed form of the wood

These pieces are either cast in a plaster mould in a kiln or cast directly from a furnace into a sand mould. The inclusion of the nails into the sand cast pieces adds a degree of tension to the forms as well as providing a contrast between the clarity of the glass and the roughness of the metal.

Close- ups showing the details of the nail inclusions in the surface of the glass.