Karen Murphy Glassworks

About Karen and her work       


Thank you for visiting my website.

 I am an independent glass artist working from my new studio in the artists community at The Clay Factory, on the southern edge of Dartmoor, in the north of the South Hams in Devon. I  specialise in kiln formed glass, having graduated from the University of Hertfordshire.

I produce artwork of all scales, from small domestic giftware to large installations at Gatwick airport. I am particularly interested in making site specific work that captures the essence of a place or space.

Recent commissions include gifts that have been presented to The Duke of Edinburgh, Lord MacLaurin and the President of the Madrid Regional Government.

I have also worked on several public art commissions, including a collaboration with the blacksmith Alan Freeman on a commission for British Waterways, to produce a steel and glass raised walkway along the river Stort in Harlow, with cast glass elements that incorporate items from the surrounding environment. 

A collaboration with designer Leiselle Bristow, produced an interactive sculpture in Hertford that visitors can walk into, dispalying the heritage of the local area.

Decorative wall panels have been commissioned for private homes as well as various restaurants and installations at Heathrow airport and Gatwick airport.

As well as commissioned pieces,  I also make a range of glassware that is inspired by rivers and waterfalls and suitable for interior decoration or giftware.

For my final degree show I produced a body or work that was inspired by a desire to capture the history of a building that I was renovating and fetured on Channel 4's "Property Ladder" programme. More details of this can be seen on the "Property Ladder" page of the website.

Please browse through the website to see what is available from the studio or by commission.